Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum Doula Support

You want support (and sleep).

We’re here to deliver exactly that.

Babies are adorable. They’re also exhausting. Frequent wake-ups and odd schedules might be normal, but to a postpartum parent it can feel overwhelming. Your friends joke about getting used to having no sleep, but that doesn’t really have to be the way it is—does it?

Not with us, it doesn’t! Postpartum and infant doula care means having an expert, to help you decode those mysterious baby cries, help achieve the perfect breastfeeding latch, or formula ratio, and—your soon-to-be favourite part—take care of baby while you catch some serious Z’s.

With one partner typically returning to work shortly after birth, it is oh-so-comforting to have someone in your corner to help you through those first few weeks (months, whatever. We’re totally flexible).

Have questions about what’s normal for your body or your baby? We’re right here to answer them. Want someone to gently guide you in the best ways to meet your baby’s needs (based on your values and your family)? We’ve got you there, too. Need some help with cooking and light cleaning, so you can spend your time bonding with your new little one? Have your hands full with other siblings and need help integrating your brood?  Is your partner feeling overwhelmed and need some help feeling more confident in providing you and your baby support. 

Note:  Food/Nutrition, Fourth Trimester Care with other children are near to my heart.  As a health consultant for almost 10 years, working with clients with Metabolic Conditions and promoting health and wellness through whole foods, I am very comfortable in the kitchen and catering to dietary needs.  Knowing that you have a homemade soup in the slow cooker, or fridge is always good medicine for postpartum recovery.  As a mother to four, that had limited postpartum support,I am very intuitive to your needs.

Postpartum Support Packages

Postpartum services start prior to birth with a consultation and prenatal appointment to plan out your goals for your postpartum recovery. We will cover topics such as visitors, self-care, sibling transitions, relationship building between you and your partner, feeding, and what to expect in the first six weeks postpartum.

Click here to arrange to visit our clinic for a Complimentary Info Session, no obligation to pursue services. 

After your first postpartum visit, that takes place in the comfort of your own home, we suggest at least 2 weeks prior to your due date.  We will talk about your postpartum planning wishes. Following this, and within a week of birth, your doula will visit and help process the events of your birth. This is to help you remember the amazing details of your birth, as well as let go of any emotional trauma that may have occurred. We will also bring food with us (typically a soup, a batch of nourishing muffins/oatmeal in a jar, snack bag for your babyfeeding area) to help stock your freezer and nourish your family.

After the first postpartum visit, your doula will touch base with you at the beginning of every week to ensure you are continuously supported throughout the first six weeks postpartum.  We customize our postpartum plans to meet your needs, whether you would like us to visit you once or twice per week or by setting up a personalizedplan.   If there is a specific topic you require more information on (ie: maternal mental health, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, swaddling, etc.) we will do the necessary research to provide you with evidence based information and will support whatever choice you make for your family.

Please note that all our postpartum packages are based on a minimum of 3-4 hour visits.

Message us for details on our packages and to set up a No obligation Complimentary info session.