Meal Services

A Solution Has Arrived!

To support our current and past clients, as well as promote accessible healthy eating in rural BC, and after many requests, we are bringing food prep and “meals to go” to Ashcroft.

We offer healthy eating, premade meals, to fit your lifestyle.

What’s special about us?

We have a passion to support you achieve your health goals and each of our meals is reviewed by a health consultant, making sure it fits within your specific need.

We are creating premade comfort foods, for Paleo, Primal, LCHF, Keto, and Ideal Protein diet options. Each prepared with special attention toward the proper balance of proteins, carbs, and fats to keep you full, productive, and happy all day.

Meal Plan Options:
• Ideal Protein All Phases Meal Support
• Lunch on the Go
• New Mama Meal Support
• Breakfast Prep
• Lunch Prep
• Ideal Protein Baking

We also offer Customized packages.

Meals come in individual or large portion sizes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dishes example:

• savory breakfast quiche
• hearty or base style veggie packed salads
• nourishing bone broth soups
• fulfilling grain free casseroles, the family will love
• IP baking options.

We have a great selection to support you, with a variety of controlled meals containing specific amount of calories and macronutrients.
As our catering expands, it is our intention to focus around “farm to plate”, using locally raised meats and vegetables, cooking with seasonal availability.

How do I get started?

Become a member of our Food Community. For $25.00 per month, you will gain access to our weekly menu options.

We will then add you to our mail list and you will receive a weekly order sheet.  All orders are placed one week in advance. Tick off what you would like included in your meal box, pre pay, and book your pick up time.  It’s just that easy!

Meal Services begins production in February of 2019. Signup to make sure you are among this first to know when we start cooking up delicious healthy meals, for the Ashcroft community.