Casie Menhinick

Whether your choice of weight management is low carb, standard meal plan, paleo or keto, Casie can provide factual insight into your nutritional plan, by using:

• body composition analysis,
• reachable lifestyle goals
• individual recognition of metabolic challenges, such as insulin resistance or low lean mass.

Casie has successfully coached hundreds of clients who have reached many goals, including:

• losing weight
• maintaining weight loss post one year
• reversing T2D
• managing T1D

She has a passion in helping educate, coach, and support her clients through proper food choices and menu planning, creating changes in their lifestyle post weight loss, that can be adapted to any goals or budgets.

Casie can provide planning to include the whole family and positively influence the next generation.

She works hand in hand with Doctor’s and pharmacists to help clients achieve deprescribing and find overall balance and empowerment in their lives again.

“Food is the cause and food is the cure for most disease”

Casie’s primary interest in Doula support was stemmed from her own personal experiences of being part of the parturient community with limited access to support and care, requiring to leave her home to birth.
After hearing of friends who had the support of a doula and the difference it made in their birth outcomes and memories, she knew this was her calling. While being mentored for a short term in Lytton, Casie was grateful to gain additional experience during her birth doula practicum, seeing first hand, how structured pre/post natal programming enhanced community care.
Casie’s intuition in the labour, birth and postpartum period is unique and special.  She respects this sacred time for the mother and her family’s life and values how it impacts her long term. She is excited to resume her doula work after pausing for the last 5 years. Casie keeps current through annual workshops and CEU’s for her associations.

Casie’s friendly, compassionate and gentle nature makes her compelling to see on a weekly support basis to achieve wellness goals or to involve in such precious and influential times, during pregnancy and postpartum.  She is dedicated to help empower, educate and support you on your journey.

Points of special interest for Casie include:

• health coaching
• creative cooking
• healthy pregnancy
• fourth trimester support
• nutritional support for disease management
• mental health awareness.

Through her professional relationship with the medical community, she values what superior services she can offer to her clients with a more multidisciplinary approach, when there is often a segregation in rural health care.

Casie loves rural living. Originally moving from Vancouver in 1991 to live in a remote wilderness location (Gold Bridge, BC) to surround herself in nature. She is the mother of four beautiful, almost all adult, children. After spending a decade running her own equestrian based eco tourism business and with growing kids, Casie started to look for different options that included easier access to education for her children.  She enjoyed the lifestyle of growing an organic garden and ethically raising small livestock for her family’s primary food source. Casie moved to Lillooet in 2008 in order to pursue her new interest in health; advocating for rural maternity care, as she certified as a doula and going on to manage an Integrative Health Clinic for 8 years, which provided her with a richness of experiences, supporting other modalities. She was very influenced by the naturopathic approach to medicine and appreciates all the mentorship she was provided to open her mind to other educational avenues.

She is a foodie at heart and loves creating delicacies directly through foraging from nature or local farms. She is inspired by all the food encountered in ‘farm to plate’ restaurants. She has many recreational interests and although, not as frequent, still enjoys hunting and foraging for food. She loves gardening, hiking, SUP, fishing, and all that the outdoors provides. In early 2018, she sold her farm in Lillooet and moved to Ashcroft, a community she has always loved.  She continually looks forward to expand the services offered at Gemini Wellness Services, to meet the needs of the Gold Country Corridor, supporting individuals, families, and healthy workplaces.